Roca del Crit

Windy roads to Monjoi

On his daily trip to El Bulli, from Roses to Cala Montjoi, David Seijas drove through Cap de Creus National Park. He often stopped to contemplate some newly planted vineyards with fantastic views of the Bay of Roses. David had a dream: create his own wine. Years later that dream has come true with Roca del Crit.





14,50 %

Our secrets


Carignan leaf

Carignan 82%. Rabós area. Vineage > 80 years.

Grenache leaf

Grenache 18%. Mas Marés area. Vineage > 15 years.


Cap de Creus Map

Cap de Creus is a magical place full of personal experiences. Nowadays it is a natural park where you can find the vineyards of Roca del Crit and from where the dream of making this wine was born.

Granite ball

It represents the granitic soil on which the Grenache grows in the Cap de Creus area. On the other hand, Carignans grow on slate soil in the area of Rabós.

Roca del Crit

Working at El Bulli required concentration and constant tension so that everything went perfectly. Working as a sommelier in the 5 times appointed best restaurant in the world was a kind of ballet where everyone had to be coordinated so that the experience was like that of Swan Lake. How to bear so much tension? David had his escape valve. When necessary, he left the restaurant for a moment walking along a small path known only to the El Bulli workers and the local people, to a small cliff hidden with a rock that led to the back of Cala Montjoi. There, he could scream to release tension. It was his Roca del Crit (in catalan “the screaming rock”).

Climate &


The most characteristic climatic element of the area is the Tramuntana, a strong wind from the north that can easily reach 120 km/h and something that viticulturists have to keep in mind, because it can influence the production of the vintage.

Rooster crest (green)

The full understanding of a vintage requires analyzing multiple factors: climatic and meteorological mainly, but also those that affect the production of the grape. We must also compare the values of that year with the averages and do it in 3 different times of the year: winter, spring (vegetative period) and harvest.
To facilitate understanding, we have summarized all this information in 3 possible colors for each vintage, which you should identify on the crest of the rooster:
– Blue: Cold year and/or with influence of heavy rain
– Green: Moderately climatic year, with average values of temperature, rainfall and hours of sunshine
– Red: Warm year and/or with little rain or drought
This harvest is marked by an early sprouting, accompanied by high rainfall that triggers the attack of mildew from very early (inbloom). Summer was warm which allowed a remarkable improvement. There was no stress on the part of the plant because there were no extreme temperatures, so the wine will be fresh, with deep concentrated and ripe fruit.


Bike wheel

Grenache is fermented in stainless steel tanks with 10% of whole grapes and aged for 6 months on fine lees.

Oak barrel

The Carignan ages during 12 months in french oak barrels from Burgundy, 500-700L in size, some new and some used (2nd and 3rd year), medium toasted barrel with untoasted heads.



Notes of: Red cherries, blackberries, violets, licorice stick, coffee beans and rosemary. However wine tasting is very personal. What can you detect?


Red Pine Mushrooms

We hope that you like this wine and you can enjoy it with the dish of your liking.
We suggest you try it with red pine mushrooms (named Pinetells in Catalunya), a mushroom that grows naturally in the surroundings of El Bulli and that brings us good memories.
If you like wine pairings, enter our website where you will find more pairing ideas!


Wine Opener

Our origins are linked to the job of a waiter. David Seijas grew up in his parents’ village restaurant in Seva, where, at a very young age, he remembers carrying a wine opener in his pocket and pretending to be a sommelier.
If today you feel like putting on your sommelier’s apron, the liturgy of the wine service recommends tasting it between 14 and 16°C with a glass such as a Riedel Hermitage. However, Gallina de Piel Wines team will be very pleased if you enjoy it with what, when and however you choose.

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