Manar dos Seixas

Galician Roots

This wine is a tribute to the Galician origins of David Seijas. His last name comes from the term Seixas, which in Portuguese means brave pigeon. Its coat of arms is represented by 5 silver pigeons on green background. The Ribeiro area is full of hot springs or “burgas” that spring (manar in Spanish) from the ground. This wine represents the Manar of the Seixas.





13 %

Ours secrets


Treixadura leafa

Treixadura 88%. Main variety of the blend, the most important in Ribeiro area. Miño river valley. Vine age 25-30 years.

Godello leaf

Godello 6%. Valley of Miño. Vine age 25-30 years.

Albariño leaf

Albariño 4%. Valley del Miño. Vine age 25-30 years.

Loureiro Blanco leaf

Loureiro Blanco 2%. Valley del Miño. Vine age 25-30 years.


GDP Medallion

Much like the VDP of German Wines stands for the highest quality, GDP, an acronym of Gallina de Piel, is used to indicate our top-quality vines. This a single vineyard wine!

Ribeiro map & Miño river course

In the Denominación de Origen Ribeiro, located in Galicia, there are three main valleys created by its three main rivers: Miño, Avia and Arnoia. Our vineyard is located in the Miño river valley.

Granite Storehouse

The soil of the area is granitic. Porriño is the name given to the local pink granite. In our vineyard, we also have sandy loam soil on the surface.

Manar (Green coat of arms with 5 silver pigeons)

Seixas (from which it derives Seijas) is a surname of Galician origin but also very common in Portugal. The coat of arms was represented by several silver pigeons on a green background. The definition of Manar in Galician is: liquid which comes from the earth, like a spring. Manar dos Seixas is our tribute to the origins of David Seijas.

& Weather

Rain & Fog

Fog and Rain are 2 weather elements very present in the climate of the area.

Rooster crest (Green)

The full understanding of a vintage requires analyzing multiple factors: climatic and meteorological mainly, but also those that affect the production of the grape. We must also compare the values of that year with the averages and do it in 3 different times of the year: winter, spring or vegetative period and harvest.
To facilitate understanding, we have summarized all this information in 3 possible colors for each vintage, which you should identify on the crest of our cock:
– Blue: Cold year and/or with influence of heavy rain
– Green: Moderately climatic year, with average values of temperature, rainfall and hours of sunshine
– Red: Warm year and/or with little rain or drought

2020 can be divided into three blocks: an early sprouting that has conditioned the entire cycle and that, together with the ample rainfall, triggered some outbreaks of mildew very early on; a dry summer that allowed a notable improvement; and the harvest after the rain at the end of August, which did not have very serious incidents.



Pre-fermentation cold maceration. Production in stainless steel tanks of 5000L with double jacket and controlled.

Cea Bread

6-8 months of aging on fine lees. The work on lees in our wine gives it some notes of fresh bread and fine yeast. The emblem of the province of Ourensenextto Ribeiroisour tribute to the best bread of the country.



Notes of lemon, peach, Granny Smith apples, Carballiño cane pastry, chamomile and jasmine.



Ourense is the famous home of the best octopus, and more specifically the town of Carballiño. If you visit the area, you cannot leave without tasting an octopus with a Ribeiro wine. 
If you like wine pairings, enter our website where you will find more pairing ideas!


Wine Opener

Our origins are linked to the job of a waiter. David Seijas grew up in his parents’ village restaurant in Seva, where, at a very young age, he remembers carrying a wine opener in his pocket and pretending to be a sommelier. If you feel like putting on your sommelier’s apron today, the liturgy of the wine service recommends tasting it between 10 and 12 °C with a glass such as a Riedel Chianti. However, Gallina de Piel Wines team will be very pleased if you enjoy it with who, when and however you choose.

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