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Unfolding single vinyard secrets

For our single vineyard wines we have developed a language inspired by the periodic table of elements, which incorporates the different factors that influence the production of a wine: Climate, Vintage Factor, Geology, Viticulture and Winemaking. This project will have a second phase in which we will further develop this language in a book. We encourage you to join us on this journey!






Our secrets


First we harvest the Gual because it is a variety with a shorter cycle and the Vijariego is somewhat later. Both are destemmed and pressed, we do not do pre-fermentation maceration with the skins. Gual is aged in concrete egg tank for 4 months and is only racked after fermentation to remove the gross lees, then it is kept all the time on the fine lees. The Vijariego blanco is fermented directly in the barrel and left on the lees for 5 or 6 months. Batonage is made, especially at the beginning until the lees are stabilized to avoid reductions.

After finishing the processes, they are blended and bottled. Before release, it ages in the bottle for 10 months.


Wine facts

Vineyard: Mazapé

Latitude/Longitude: 28º 23’ N / 16º 38’ O

Altitude: 160m above sea level

Soils: Volcanic

Climate: Atlantic

Varieties: Gual / Vijariego Blanco

Vine age: >25 years old


Alcohol: 13.5% vol.

Total acidity (tartaric): 6,70 g/l 

Volatile acidity (acetic): 0,4 g/l

pH: 3,2

SO2 total: 50 mg/l

Sugars: 0 g/l

Vintage 2020

The 2021 yields have been average due to the fact that there have been rains at harvest time, but the quality and health status of the grapes that have entered the winery have been excellent, which has translated into very promising wines.

Production: 506 bottles

Tasting notes

Visually you can enjoy a pale yellow color of a certain intensity, due to the two varieties used (Gual and Vijariego Blanco), and accentuated by the production processes (fermentation in concrete egg and in French oak barrels).

With a complex nose, full of race and purity, where the fruity and aging notes shine equally.

The mineral and smoky aromas of the Gual stand out, with floral notes such as jasmine and some notes of tropical fruits such as pineapple. The Vijariego brings some nuances of pear, citrus peel and fennel. These aromas are assembled with notes of “brioche”, fine butter and sweet spices, provided by the lees and aging in wood.

The palate is built through acidity. It is a sharp and crisp wine wrapped in an unctuous and silky texture. It is elegant and mineral, of great depth, the maximum expression of the “terroir” of a unique vineyard, MAZAPÉ.

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