Dolç de Foc

Dolç de Foc Espurnes is born with the spirit of becoming an Avant-garde wine. It is the result of the experience acquired by David Seijas and the Roqueta Family in the last few years while working and reinterpreting the technique of the vi Bullit (boiled wine).






Our secrets

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With this vi bullit we have played with the art of blending, through dierent elements, each of which provides unique characteristics to the final result. On the one hand, the wine with a complete alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature, with stainless steel, from early harvest, with the objective of boosting the maximum aromatic and perfumed expression, freshness, length, tension, which becomes the backbone of the final blending. On the other hand, with vi bullit (boiled in a traditional way, with a stainless cauldron and gas) with a partial fermentation coming from grapes with a more advanced ripening stage, searching for secondary aromas and more complexity in the mouth, providing the identity and the memory of the traditional vi bullit. And finally, with unfermented boiled must, to provide more sweetness, strengthen the sensation of volume and the unctuous quality of the wine, becoming the essence of the blending.

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Alcohol: 11% vol.

Total acidity: 4,05 g/l

Volatile acidity: 0,15 g/l

pH: 3,25

total SO2: 40 mg/l

Sugars: 87,50 g/l

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Vintage 2022

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The 2022 vintage is a dry vintage, with very isolated rain that guarantees a sucient foliar mass although with some hydrological stress in some plots of land. There were two heatwaves during the month of July, which had been preceded by a sudden heatwave at the end of May. It is one of the vintages in the cellar with a latest harvest.

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The origins

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The Project was born in 2016, with an encounter at the wine cellar between David Seijas and Ramon Roqueta. During that visit, the old boilers of the Roqueta country house captivated David, who found the perfect space and history to manufacture a unique wine, a vi bullit from a «secret» recipe from Merce Torrentó, who used to have a vi bullit manufactured for her every year, which became, in time, her elixir. That sweet wine is the same one that David Seijas and the Roqueta Family reinterpret with Dolç de Foc Flama: a wine acquiring more complexity through the aging of the vi bullit for a minimum of 4 years, via a tradititional aging system called «soleras», in a barrel from the 1930’s where rancid wine was kept traditionally.

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Vi bullit reinvention

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As a consequence of the know-how of this technique, and with the will of bringing the concept of vi bullit closer to the contemporary customer, David Seijas and the Roqueta Family reinvent again the project to give way to Dolç de Foc Espurnes: a daring wine, born with the intention of transforming the concept of the most traditional sweet wines. With fresh and perfumed bouquets, young and modern, but also complex, it goes one step further reaching a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.

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Tasting notes

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With a lovely and intense straw yellow color, limpid and shiny, with sparks and golden reflections. In the glass it shows a good density, with paused and dense tears. The nose is very intense and playful. Due to its complex elaboration, the aromatic range is very wide. We find a fresh and refreshing part, full of balsamic notes, of white mint and fennel, of macerated citric skins…but also more mature notes, such as those from pitted fruit, peaches and apricots, syrups, cooked fruit, and reminders of apple and pear tatin. With a sweet entrance, with good density and weight, but with a surprising agility on the mouth, due to its great acidity that maintains it fresh and lively. With great harmony between the sweetness and the freshness and a long and persistant finish. Notes of macerated citric skins, reminders of mandarines and grapefruit, and finally reminders of dried peach, and the unmistakable caramel, from the vi bullit. We salivate when we imagine it accompanied of a good duck liver «micuit» or a nice tarte tatin. We enjoy it as ever with the San Juan cocas (Typical catalan cake), especially the crystallised fruit ones, with nougat…but above all we enjoy it with good gastronomy and good company.

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